Alhambra (Single)
Duration: 6 minutes

Release Date:
October 14th, 2022

Inspired as I was by the 7 different church scales for my album “Monastic”, I decided to research other less well known scales. One that really caught my attention was the so-called “Byzantine” or “Arabian” scale. Although the name suggests local use, it is used in different cultures throughout the world. I felt that the setting of the Moors in the great palace of Alhambra, Granada would be a suitable one to base this piece on.

As most western scales, including the seven church modes, The “arabian” scale is a heptatonic scale. The trick is always in the tone distances. In this case it is:

  1. 0,5
  2. 1,5
  3. 0,5
  4. 1
  5. 0,5
  6. 1,5
  7. 0,5

The special flavor of this scale is derived from the two 1,5 tone steps which are not common for most Western (diatonic) scales.

OK, enough theory, enjoy the music!

The composition is dedicated to my friend Albert Verheij.